For a better picture of our expertise we give some examples of projects that we have already achieved.

  • The replacement of planetary reducers, such as the replacement of old reducers of the make David Brown, Leroy Somer, Zollern which meanwhile are no longer produced. The chassis was completely re-fitted.
  • KL3 0160SV 0120 on KAF wet pan mill from Rieter, entire replacement wiht overnight service
  • Capstans for the mooring of aircraft carriers and vessels for transport of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). Electric and hydraulic driven.
  • The drive of different turbines for the generation of electricity by means of watermills.
  • Mixer drive at Biogass installation.
  • 2 Planetary gearbox driven by center gearbox under 22° for HRT. 
  • Test bench 3 axis planetary gearbox for UGent, wave energy convertor   

Our customers are presently mainly situated in Belgium, Luxembourg, Northern France and the border area of Germany.